Do you want your project to reflect the designer’s vision or your own?  DOWNLOAD NOW

Do you want your project to reflect the designer’s vision or your own?  DOWNLOAD NOW

[VIDEO] Want the best year ever? Focus on your three core needs

What are your three core needs?


In my experience as a student of creativity, and in my understanding of creativity as the most defining trait of being human, the most important thing we can do for both ourselves and for the world is to focus on our three core human needs.

What are those three core needs?

  • Connection
  • Making a difference
  • Meaning

Your three core human needs and creativity

To understand what I mean, consider your breath. In each and every moment of your life you are in a constant exchange with the world around you. Your life depends upon this unceasing exchange.

Your in-breath nourishes you. It is also metaphorically the source of inspiration. When inspired, you breathe in the self-existing wisdom of the universe.

Your out breath is the release of your genius into the world through the work you do for others. Think of a weight lifter who first inhales, then uses the out-breath to hoist the weight skywards. Anytime you take on a project, anytime you are inspired to do something, when it comes from you heart, you inspire others and naturally make a difference in the world

Meaning is the thread you use to quilt together the seemingly fragmented parts of life into a cohesive narrative. You can draw some of your meaning from other sources, such as philosophies or spiritual traditions. But ultimately you must make it your own; you must craft a sense of vision and mission to your life that resonates with you, with you innermost truth.

Connection, making a difference, and meaning form a triad that brings forth the fullest expression of your creativity. By actively tending to these three core needs you naturally cultivate your innate creativity, making creativity the principle expression of your life and not some exotic exception.

So what are you going to do in 2016? How are you going to cultivate a life that is connected, that makes a difference to yourself and to those around you, and that is deeply meaningful? Please let us know in the comment section below.


If you know others who may be interested in the topic of mindfulness and creativity in the workplace, please forward them this link, and request their vote, too. Thank you!


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