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[VIDEO] How to Build Cultures of Innovation, Part III: Empowerment


The power of empowerment In this video, we explore how to see others in a way that brings forth their most defining human trait: their innate ability to create. As a magpie is meant to fly and a dolphin to swim, as human beings, we are meant to create.

forex trader libro Simply put, creativity is the way that the life-force energy is expressed through us. ALL OF US!!!

follow url When you make it a practice of seeing EVERYBODY as a fellow creator, you begin to unlock the full potential of everyone around you, including your teammates, your boss, your coworkers, your significant other, your children, your parents, your neighbors, your physician, the checker at you local grocery store, your auto mechanic, the person you’ll never know personally but whom you just passed in the street. When you empower others as creators, you do us all a profound and meaningful service. You actively begin to elevate us as a species, a species that holds in its power the ability to either destroy this place we inhabit, or to bring forth its innate vitality.

watch When you empower others as creators, not only to you bring for their human-ness, you bring forth their humanity!

About the “How to Build Cultures of Innovation” series

For many businesses and organizations, the ability to innovate, to come up with new products, services, and ways of being as well as the ability to tackle complex problems and challenges, can be the difference between thriving and floundering.

What steps, though, can you take right now to actively promote the creativity of your team and the innovative potential as a whole.

In this video we start with the basics, once again promoting creativity of everyone one involved by actively supporting each valued members core human needs.

As we move forward, will address more complex understanding on the relationships between creativity and innovation, as well as how to manage it and take an idea from start to finish.

Thank you for joining me on this journey! And thank you for actively building cultures of innovation!

About Austin Hill Shaw

Austin Hill Shaw is a creativity expert who works with individuals who want to unlock their full creative potential and organizations that want to build cultures of innovation. He is the founder of Creativity Matters, author of The Shoreline of Wonder: On Being Creative, and inventor of The Creativity Quiz.

What type of creator are you? Take the Creativity Quiz and find out!

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