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VILLAGE CHIROPRACTIC AND WELLNESS CENTER Montclair District, Oakland, California canada dating service Intentions: Design a chiropractic and wellness center on the ground floor of an unremarkable building in an upscale neighborhood retail center that 1) has an inviting storefront that continues the ribbon of ground floor retail 2) creates a buzz around preventative care and wellness 3) creates a sanctuary for patients to land, receive counsel and treatments, and transition back out into their lives and 4) fulfills all code compliance for American with Disabilities Act and all other requirements.

look at this site Functional Results: Dividing the space up into public, semipublic, and private realms, the clinic is welcoming to those coming for scheduled treatments and passerbys in the neighborhood, all of which are marked out with thresholds and different flooring in those areas.  We dramatically increased the natural light and transparency of the establishment by replacing the solid wood door with a glass one and replacing a large window in the back room and, through brighter colors and dimmable high efficiency lighting, were able to create a sense of brightness even in windowless treatment rooms.  By removing a 16 inch platform and making the whole space level we were able we were able to make the whole of the space wheelchair accessible. Aesthetic Results: Drawing upon the color palette of a Van Gogh painting, the heaven and earth principle from Taoist Cosmology, the tenants of Chiropractic, including the idea that there is a universal intelligence and that it is the role of the chiropractor to get that intelligence to flow more freely, and creating a reception desk in the abstract sculpture as a spine, the space is inspiring and enlivening to be in.  From the street, the desk and the beautifully displayed spinal column in the art nook at the end of the hall invite people into the space.  Six, individually-lit art nooks, each containing symbolic representation of aspects of wellness, draw people through the space while interrelated curves on the reception desk, flooring, and wall behind create a sense of interdependence.  Finally, cantilevered shelving units protruding from the wall provide space for retail products and remind clients of the sense of levity one gets after a treatment with Dr. Matt Green.

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Do you want your project to reflect the designer's vision or your own? DOWNLOAD NOW



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