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The Helipad, Dominical, Costa Rica

The Helipad, Dominical, Costa Rica Intentions: The client wanted to create the first building on the site that he and his partners envisioned as a tropical retreat center.   The building was to be able to be placed in various positions throughout the site, each with minor modification to address grade changes and shading requirements.   The client requested an octagonal living room and kitchen space with two bedrooms on either side.

rencontres femmes tunisiennes visit this site Functional Results: I calculated his desired square footage and divided it among the 3 main spaces.   The building was long in one direction and shorter in the other to take in the sweeping views in that area.   I put the kitchen on the mountain side, then a dining room area, then a step down to another seating areas that opens up onto a generous porch.   I sketched several variation for the layout of the two bedrooms and their respective bathrooms.    Wide shading on the porch area protects the occupants from sun and rain while maintaining the views.   High ceilings, an outdoor shower off the 2nd bedroom, and a beautiful master bedroom and bathroom will make this place memorable. Aesthetic Results: My job was primarily to organize the spaces and get initial approval from the rest of the partners.   Once my schematic drawings were approved, they were given to a local architect who developed sited the structure in one place on the land.  Based on the place of the clients choosing, the building steps down and to the southwest, following the actual ridge line.   The steep slope warrented an additional room was put below the master bedroom, and additional storage below the living room with little added costs.   The architects renderings can be seen in the photos above.   Unfortunately, the building has stalled midway through construction due to lack of fundings.

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