Alameda, California

A patron of the arts, with a love of graffiti, urban street art, and pinball machines, purchased a craftsman style home in the heart of Alameda, California.

Armed with the theme and mythos of “The Golden State”, a strong sense stewardship, and the idea that art is meant to provoke, the owner had a vision to create a space that both honored the craftsman aesthetic while showcasing his contemporary art collection.

I must admit, when I took him through 3 Lights Design’s Full Spectrum Client Intake, it felt like tall order and one that I wasn’t sure was going to come together without feeling chaotic.

In the end, though, walking through his home all I could think was this: he totally nailed it. The space is both beautiful and inviting as well as provocative and edgy, a paradoxical blend of the domestic and the disruptive, which elevated my awareness just being there.

We named the project “Wallpaper” as a testimony to both the beautiful and varied wall coverings, and how that wallpaper plays off of the clients art collection.

We absolutely love getting to know our clients and growing through their vision for a project.

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