Baja California, Mexico

Follow the link to watch a video of  Prana del Mar project by Yoga Retreat International click.

Intentions: The client had a life long dream of creating a high end retreat and wellness center, centering on general health, yoga, and surf retreats.   He chose a site in a remote area on the Pacific Coast of Baja California, halfway between Cabo San Lucas to the south and Todos Santos to the north. His vision for the center required a yoga studio with caretaker residence and storage below, a community building with generous patio space, and eight two-bedroom, two bathroom condominium units, each with the capacity to be divided into two separate one-bedroom units to double the unit capacity as needed for retreats.

General Challenges: There were no utilities available in the location, meaning the project would be entirely dependent on alternative energy solutions and energy saving strategies. The site was an elongated rectangle, long in the direction perpendicular to the ocean and tight on the other, with an arroyo running along the south side.  Furthermore, the topography had a very gradual slope to the beach, with a dune restricting views on the ocean side of the property.

General Strategies: To solve the energy requirements, we used solar panels for electricity and solar hot water panels on the supply side, and high efficiency LED lights and appliances throughout the project. We also utilized white stucco to reflect solar gain and shading over the windows to prevent overheating. We put the public areas on the second stories of the building, thus taking advantage of the view, and staggered the condominium units so as to maximize a sense of spaciousness.

For more information on Prana del Mar’s green strategies click here.

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