Weisz Residence Master Bedroom, Spa Bathroom Addition, Ojai

Intentions: Add a new master bed and a spa-like bathroom that could take advantage of the warm weather and view to the mountains north of the town of Ojai, California while still maintaining privacy.

Fuctional Results: Just to the south of the house was a commercial building with an unsightly parking lot.   We positioned the addition to create a boundary and increased the privacy around the back garden.   Radiant in-floor heating provide both warmth and coolness all year long.   Two layers of translucent glass on the east side brings beautiful morning light first into the bathroom then into the bedroom.

Aesthetic Results: The house was already beautiful to begin with as the owner was a very talented designer with a refined aesthetic.  We did not want the new addition to overwhelm the existing structure so we drew upon the existing details, adding increased function and space.      A book case opposite a wall of glass block softens the perceived length of the narrow hallway leading to the addition and provides valuable space for the owner’s many books.   Pocketing doors in the bedroom and bifolding windows and doors on two side of the bathroom allow the walls to disappear, creating a beautiful indoor-outdoor space.   The addition draws upon the proportions of the golden rectangle, with the dimensions in each individual areas relating back to the dimensions of the whole.   It’s truly a magical place to be in.    On a warm afternoon, one can sit in the spa tub and watch the sun set on the mountaintops to the north.


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