Energy Solutions Headquarters

Intentions: Energy Solutions is a green energy consulting company specializing in creating large-scale environmental benefits for their clients by implementing market-based solutions and developing policies that contribute to these solutions. Located in downtown Oakland, they had recently purchased the historic Atrium Building at the intersection of Telegraph and Broadway and were in need of a layout of their 11,ooo square foot, 4th floor office that met current building codes, reflected the commitment to efficiency, natural light, innovation, and their forward thinking, progressive approach to energy saving solutions. In the company’s founder and President, Sam Cohen, “Our goal was to create a comfortable and productive work environment that reflects the company’s sustainability values and which showcases energy efficiency and demand response technologies.”

Functional Results: In collaboration with Energy Solutions, we maximized the penetration of natural light into the more interior spaces by using transparent glass door, and windows on both the perimeter offices and along the light filled atrium. High efficiency, motion sensory lighting was placed throughout the dropped ceiling. New ADA compliant bathroom were done in a way that not only met code but also saves the company tens of thousands of dollars by utilizing the available footprint not having to move walls.  With numerous bike commuters and healthy lifestyle advocates working for the company, two ADA accessible showers with changing rooms were installed.  For an article on the full range of energy efficient strategies employed in the project, check out Energy Solutions’ Oakland Headquarters showcases wide spectrum of energy-efficient technologies.

Aesthetic Results: While the majority of the space was done in a clean, modern style, the owner was a fan of old, craftsman-style furniture, both for its aesthetics, and because of the low energy footprint of recycling old furniture. The heavy wood furniture, however, clashed with the clean modern surrounding. We solved this by grounding the furniture with brightly colored rugs, thereby a clearer boundary between the two, and thus re-establishing a sense of harmony.


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