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Taiwan Bento

Intentions: During the build out, and just one month before Taiwan Bento’s scheduled soft opening, the owners of a new Uptown Oakland restaurant received this comment from their loan officer: “You’re restaurant’s ugly.” Talk about an “ouch/yikes” moment! That’s when 3 Lights Design got the call. Taiwan Bento was the brainchild of Taiwanese born Stacy Tang, […]

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Energy Solutions Headquarters

Intentions: Energy Solutions is a green energy consulting company specializing in creating large-scale environmental benefits for their clients by implementing market-based solutions and developing policies that contribute to these solutions. Located in downtown Oakland, they had recently purchased the historic Atrium Building at the intersection of Telegraph and Broadway and were in need of a layout of their 11,ooo […]

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Village Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Intentions: Design a chiropractic clinic and wellness center on the ground floor of an unremarkable building in an upscale neighborhood retail center that 1) has an inviting storefront that continues the ribbon of ground floor retail 2) creates a buzz around preventative care and wellness 3) creates a sanctuary from patients to land, receive counsel and […]

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Bay Area February 2012 137

The Light Box at Prana del Mar

For a complete description of the evolution of The Light Box, check out the chapter “Putting it all Together: The Light Box at Prana del Mar” in 3 Lights designer, Austin Hill Shaw’s book, The Shoreline of Wonder: On Being Creative. Intentions: Design a building to house a second practice studio and two spa treatment rooms in […]

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Condominiums, Baja, Mexico

Intentions: The client wanted to create eight high-end condominiums that could be divided into 16 separate bedrooms based on the number participants in any given retreat.    He also wanted to expand the capacities of the facilities with time, creating two more building with 4 units each, all on a site that was long in one dimension […]

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Oak Forest Bathouse

Oak Forest Bathhouse, Central Coast, California

Intentions: The clients wanted a bathhouse to provide toilet facilities for people in the shrine room nearby and also for people staying in the three yurts clustered around the bathhouse.   Green materials and energy saving strategies were to be used whenever possible. Functional Results: The roof pitch was angled to maximize solar gain on the south side, and draw in softer northern […]

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Buddhist Center Living Room

2007 Main House Interior Remodel

Intentions: This 3 bedroom Cape Cod style house atop the Coastal Hills of California was a strange bird for the main facilities of a Buddhist Retreat center.   It had been limping along for years while the community tried to decide what to do with it.   With limited funds, difficult access to the property, and […]

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Screenshot 2014-05-21 09.49.06

2007 Back Deck Remodel

Intentions: Remove old back deck causing the dry rot and replace with an outdoor dining area and a small, mini spa area. Functional Results: The back deck was divided into two separate areas, one for dining, one for the sauna and outdoor shower, with the shower being in the most private area of all.   The two areas […]

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Bow Racks

2007 Zen Archery Range

Kyudo is a form of meditation in action stemming from a blend between Zen Buddhism and the Japanese Samurai Traditions.   It was brought to the United States by a Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Chogyam Trungpa, to help build a bridge between his students’ sitting meditation practice and their daily lives.  Trungpa invited Kanjuro Shibata Sensei, the twentieth bow maker […]

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Ojai Valley Dharma Center

Ojai Valley Dharma Center, Interior Remodel

Intentions: Relocate a Tibetan Buddhist Dharma Center in a historic Nazarrine Church, utilizing colors and iconography to reflect the teachings and practice taking place in that center. Functional Results: Being a historic church, there was very little storage or places for staff supporting programs to prepare.   Being an historic building, there was little we could do to […]

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