The whole team, Austin, Donatella and Luis, were extremely personable, talented and really took the time to understand me and what I wanted to accomplish with the remodel. They worked fast and were almost below the low end of what they had quoted for the job! I would recommend them in a heartbeat, they where such a pleasure to work with and everything went incredibly smoothly. -Ines Vaniman, Homeowner, Lafayette CA

To watch a video of how the 3 Lights Design team works with their clients, go here.


San Francisco Bay Area Based 3 Lights Design is a residential and commercial design collective that specializes in helping clients identify their core beliefs and values and creating beautiful, highly functional designs that reflect those core beliefs and values.

We love designing harmonically proportioned structures, using a wide variety of materials including green and recycled products, harnessing the beauty and power of natural light, and creating environments that aid the occupants in bringing their own creative gifts into the world.

Though we always consider our clients and contractors as part of our team, and do everything we can to include them as active and valued participants in the creative process, our core team consists of Austin Hill Shaw, Donatella Mazzini, and Luis Furushio.

Austin Hill Shaw is from Denver, Colorado and obtained his Masters in Architecture from the University of Colorado, Denver. He enjoys creativity in all its forms, Bay Area innovation, and exploring the East Bay hills on his 24 year-old bike. He specializes in listening to the values and desires of his clients and translating those values into physical form.



Donatella Mazzini is from the Marche region of Italy and obtained her architecture degree from La Universita’ di Firenze (Florence).  She enjoys spending time with her husband and her two kids, running, cooking for friends and family, and traveling. She specializes in sustainable architecture, natural light, and bringing forth the flavor and sensibility of Italian design.



Luis Furushio is Japanese Peruvian and was born and raised Lima, Peru. He obtained his architecture degree from La Universidad Richardo Palma.  He enjoys running, passing time with his family, futbol, and Peruvian food.  He specializes in building codes and optimizing challenging spaces for optimal flow.



3 Lights Design was born out of our belief that we are much stronger together than we are as individual designers. Thank you so much for you willingness to co-create with us.


3 Lights Design was founded in 2015 as a collective by Austin Hill Shaw, Donatella Mazzini, and Luis Furushio from Austin’s previous decade old business, Austin Hill Shaw Designs, in order to celebrate their strengths as a team in service of their clients.  Their history and their combined experience, however, is far more extensive.

Since the incorporation of Austin Hill Shaw Designs in 2003, and well before that under the Colorado-based, High Country Designs, Austin Hill Shaw had been working in building, construction, art, and architectural design for well over two decades. Born in Denver, Colorado, and educated in the Bay Area, Austin had not only worked in the United States, but, having fallen in love with Latin culture, he’d worked in Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Cuba, realizing his own designs or assisting with others’ in each of those countries.

The work of Austin Hill Shaw Designs included a 40 acre Tibetan Buddhist retreat center in Cayucos, California, a high-end, off-the-grid retreat and wellness center in Baja, Mexico, various single-family remodels in and around Ojai, California, an award-winning shade structure for an elementary school in Denver, Colorado, three Zen archery ranges, various design-build outdoor decks in both wood and composite materials, and the new home of Village Chiropractic and Wellness center, a gorgeously design space that uses a truly integral approach to design and well being.  He was adept at incorporating sacred geometry and Eastern cosmologies into his designs, as well as utilizing the lost art of intention setting, in which he envisions each one of his project benefiting everyone involved, including the clients, designers, contractors, subs, and everyone who will occupy the building, and everyone who will be touched by its presence

In 2012, in the wake of the economic downturn, Austin recognized that his own effectiveness in realizing his client’s designs was being limited by his habit of trying to do projects almost entirely by himself.  He also was also being requested to teach on creativity and innovation through his consulting business, Creativity Matters with Austin Hill Shaw.  So he set out to find other designers with similar values, complementary strengths, and, most importantly, other designers who not only loved design but saw it potential for impacting with world in a positive way.

Enter Donatella and Luis.  Austin was a bit nervous at first to let go of control of the process.  To test the waters, Austin began working with both Donatella and Luis separately on different projects.  Then they landed a major remodel with a very creative couple in the East Bay hills that they all started working on simultaneously.  The synergy and communication between the three of them were immediately evident.  Austin, through his training as a meditation instructor and Neurolinguistic Programming coach was adept at drilling down into the core value of his clients quickly and translate those values into a driving vision.  Raised in the aesthetics and sensibility of Italian culture and design, and trained as a LEED certified, Donatella was adept at coming up with both inspiring and innovative solutions.  And Luis, with over 20 year experience working closely with code compliance and with structural engineers, was able, almost magically, to produce design that were both beautiful and, nearly from the start, code compliant and practical.

After 2 year working together, Austin, Donatella, and Luis decided it was time to put the power of their teamwork front and center.  They came up with the name 3 Lights Design as a multifaceted testimony to their three different cultures–American, Italian, and Peruvian, their three different languages–English, Italian, and Spanish, and, most importantly, their three unique lenses on the world which, in co-creation with our clients, are the source of illumination of our heart-centered designs.