2007 Back Deck Remodel

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Intentions: Remove old back deck causing the dry rot and replace with an outdoor dining area and a small, mini spa area.

Functional Results: The back deck was divided into two separate areas, one for dining, one for the sauna and outdoor shower, with the shower being in the most private area of all.   The two areas are separated by a planter which is centered on the livingroom window.   Low benches all along the perimeter provide dual purpose of seating and protection from the edge.   The decking and bench material is made of durable composite boards, while the siding for the outdoor shower is of durable and inexpensive corrugated metal.   The deck is dropped below the level of the house vents, preventing future dry rot problems.

Aesthetic Results: The layout of the deck brings in function without sacrificing light to the interior of the main house.   The composite decking material was used throughout the property creating a sense of unity between the different buildings.   The benches made a gentle transition between the deck and the hillslope to the east.

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